Awards & Certificates

Awards always motivate a company to work harder and achieve higher standards in its daily business operations. The awards and certificates boost the work environment and pump in invigorating energy in the company's team.

  • John 16 received recognition from Jubilant Energy for achieving 365 days without a Lost Time Injury ("LTI") in August - 2008.
  • Gujarat Gas Ltd gave a cash reward to John for best Health, Safety and Environment performance for Gas Compressor Operations in June - 2008.
  • John 1 was recognized by ONGC for excellent performance in overachieving half yearly targets for Fiscal Year 2010 in August - 2009.
  • John 18 was recognized as the best performing Rig in ONGCL out of 81 operating rigs in September - 2009.
  • John 18 drilled 36 wells, including high angle/directional wells, in 3 years without a Lost Time Injury ("LTI"). John 18 received appreciation from ONGC for completing for 365 days without a Lost Time Injury and had crossed 1,019 days without a LTI completion of project in July - 2011.
  • John 21's operational and Health Safety and Environment Performance was recognized by Cairn Energy Ltd. in its in-house magazine 'Efinder' in October - 2009.
  • John's environmental concern was highly appreciated by the Uganda Environmental Authority while working for Dominion Uganda Ltd. in July - 2010.
  • John received appreciation from ONGC for successfully lowering 9/5/8" casing up to the depth of 3,850 meters in Southern India (total depth of 5,216 meters) in September 2011.
  • John 21 received recognition from Cairn Energy Ltd. for completing 1,000 days without Lost Time Injury in May - 2012.
  • Appreciation receipt from ONGC to RIG J#28 of John Energy Ltd. Along with its crew for significant contribution towards successful drilling and completion of side tracked Well KLOS_Z in Kalol field and its performance in drilling 7 wells in asset efficiently in Ahmedabad Asset in Nov 2012.
  • Appreciation receipt from ONGC Kauvery to drilling service crew of John 20, for successful completion of 7 inch liner and tie-back job in Dec 2012.