IMS Policy

We are committed to provide Quality services to Customer with due protection of Health, Safety & Security to everybody involved with our activities. We will provide adequate resources, including appropriately trained, qualified and supervised personnel to enable us, through a documented system and work procedures, to identify, manage and control risks in our business that assists in the prevention of accident and also protection to Environment,

We will continually strive to

  • Achieve a healthy and safe environment in our work place through implementing Health and Safety process and procedures and adopting international codes and standards where applicable.
  • Ensure that our business practices and services are aligned with our IMS policy and goals.
  • Motivate and prepare all employees to take personnel accountability for protecting the environment and creating a safe and healthy work place.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of our operations by conserving natural resources, eliminating wastes, reusing and recycling materials.
  • Meet or exceed all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.
  • Ensure security of personnel and asset under the control of the organization.
  • Ensure that emergency response plan is correctly placed and regularly tested to immediately respond any incident in a timely and effective manner.
  • Ensure that all our contractors are well aware of our Health, Safety & Environmental standards and procedures and if necessary we will help them to bridge the gap between our standards.
  • We will achieve continual improvement in all our performance by proper utilization of our resources and will strive to achieve Customer satisfaction through strict compliance of their requirements.

The IMS policy will be reviewed periodically to see its continual suitability.