Drilling, Workover & Completion Services

We have drilled  Oil & Gas well in diverse areas spreading from the Sahara desert, Algeria, Eco-sensitive Victoria National park, Uganda, to hills & difficult terrain of Himalayan Range in northern India and eastern India.

We are capable to provide

  • Conventional Drilling services on standalone wells.
  • Conventional workover and completion services on standalone wells.
  • Drill & workover services with fast moving skidding Rig at well pads.
  • Drilling High Temperature and High Pressure Oil & Gas wells.
  • Contractor for Integrated Project management for Oil & Gas well drilling.
  • Lead Contractor for Integrated drilling services contract.

For Unconventional drilling services we are capable of:

  • Drilling gas wells for Coal bed Methane
  • Drilling Geothermal Wells for harnessing thermal energy.