Health Safety & Operations Training

John Energy has defined training calendar to continually create awareness and competency of the crew on Health, Safety and Operational activities to improve the Overall HSE performance of the organization. Both internal & external faculty are called at regular & scheduled intervals for new & regular employees.Routine & periodic training for skills up-gradation of Manpower with latest technology adopted by John makes the company an absolutely exclusive option in the upstream oil field industry in India.

The In-house training Programme:

  • HSE
    1. IADC has Accredited the HSE Rig Pass Programme of John Energy Ltd.
    2. HSE Supervisor Level I Training Programme
    3. HSE Supervisor Level II Training Programme
    4. HSE Leadership Training Programme

  • Operation
    1. Crew Rig Site Refresher Training Matrix
    2. Corporate Mangers Training Matrix

  • Maintenance
    1. Maintenance of Hoisting & Rotary Equipments
    2. Maintenance of Top Drive system and Electrical Equipments

  • Management/Management system training/Soft Skill
    1. IMS Internal Auditors Training
    2. External Soft skill Training